Tasktube is an effective task management tool, that permits you to control multiple projects, to have an accurate overview of how they develop and to be able to manage time and overall cost effectively. It is as simple as that: With Tasktube you start a project and you assign the tasks accordingly to each member of your team. This permits you to see when the project started, its status, how it evolves and when exactly it's been delivered. Tasktube permits you to track the time the members of your team need for the completion of a task and this way you can better evaluate your project. In this online tool you can have your To-Do lists, your Customer lists, your reminders, your projects files, your pool of brainstorming ideas. You can also track the status of the offers sent to potential customers, manage you schedule appointments and much more. TaskTube is another innovative solution developed by iFuture - forward web thinking. You can drop by and ask for your TaskTube or just say high at any time! We are very social.... :-)

Four words characterise Tasktube: Simplicity, accuracy, efficacy, reliability.